Volfenhag, Good or Bad? 1600 watts


There's a pawn shop that will sell me two 10" 800 watt (rms) each subs for 90$, no tax. Good deal? Is Volfenhag a reliable brand? I have also been looking at this 1200 watt (rms) 4 ch Volfenhag amp for 150$. How is that? Would 1200 watts be enough for my 420 watt 6"9s and 1600 watt subs? If anyone can answer these questions, thank you ahead of time.

whoops! Forget the "(rms)" in my post. That's max watts.

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volfenhag brand sucks period...highly overrated, no sound quality, and break easily

All I know for the subs is the max (1600 together), but the amp is:

Maximum Power Output 300 Watts x 4
Power Output @ 2 Ohm 150 watts x 4
Power Output @ 4 Ohm 100 watts x 4
Bridged Power @ 4 Ohm 300 Watts x 2
THD @ 2 Ohm <.1%
Channel Separation 55dB
Frequency Response 1.0dB 15Hz-30Khz
HPF (High Pass Filter) 40Hz - 250Hz
LPF (Low Pass Filter) 40Hz - 250Hz

How is Volfenhag overated? Do most people say they're a good brand, or does the company overate themselves?

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Do yourself a favour and keep your hands of it.

W. is advertised as a German brand but over here totally unknown and not even sold. We have similiar "brands" over here like shark.It is totally overrated.

Compare p.e. ch sep. 55db, its nice to have a additional heater in the car!
You can't get 1200 W for 150 !

Thank you. I definitely am not getting Volfenhag. How's a 300W mosfet amp? It's a Pyramid Super Blue Mosfet 4-ch amp. 49.95$

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Sorry but you go the same direction again

Maybe you tell your bugdet and /or think over your concept, which imo starts with a good headunit ( why not a used one, or older modell).

Then you might take a closer look for a frontsystem and keep in mind that you will upgrade an amp later.

Please do remember it is not all the wattage that counts, you will be surprised how much yoou can get out of an amp that offers 4 x 60 W RMS.

But its a question of where you want to go, just loud and the design, or a decent concept that sound s well. But that might take some time depending on your bugdet.

We have a saying over here: the one who buys cheap, buys twice.

Take your time, keep reading in the board and review some of glasswolfs and other members posts
related to watts and brands.

Then even without hearing you might get an idea of whats ok or whats not.
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