What The Hell is This Thing


Has anybody used or heard of this thing at all.
It's either the stupidest thing I have ever seen and it's a scam or it the greatest thing if it actually works.

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no its not a scam there just a bass shaker is all its provided to feel the bass not necessarily hear it

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they suck.. to be honest. been around for a while.

in home theater they're more popular, and generally go by the term 'low frequency transducer' which goes under the seating or couch.
in cars, they're not that great though.

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- Covered by a 3-year/36,000-mile limited warranty when installed on a new vehicle

They rate it by mies? WTF?!

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When you put a PS2 in your car forget about the rumble feature on it's controllers. Just hook two of these things up to it. ;)

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I never quit understood the PS2 in a car. Unless it's a minivan, and you like getting stoned in it... Or you have lots of kids or something of the like. I remember sticking my head out of the window to pass time, now we have TVs and sh!t in cars...

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reminds me of those fake car phones and pagers back in the day. if you weren't important or afluent enough to have one (or dumb enough to sell crack) you could get one.
or stick a garage door opener in your pocket. lame. just for posers and wanna bees.
i either have it or i don't (i usually don't, lol). tmo
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