Help Pick a Sub for me thats listed here.....I cant decide....


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I need some help.... I live in South Africa and sub prices(carsound in general)are really high.

Im looking for a 10 inch with decent sound quality and spl. I listen to a wide range of music....from jazz to punk rock to clapton...
I have a hatchback and have an infinity ra5004 4ch amp, so im bridging the rear channels for 150wrms at 4ohms. I plan on porting the box to increase the sensitivity make best use of the little wattage I have available .Also I like the extended low bass a tuned ported box can provide.

possible choices are:

mtx4500...this is about $115 here...pushing my bugdet($100)...Ive read mixed reviews( mainly emphasises higher bass frequencies in 60-80hz range?)

rockfordP1.....priced at $100 here..
also read mixed reviews(problem with build quality?)....dont even mention the p2 cos its about $200 here.

pioneer ts-w256c...I know that most people hate pioneer, but after modeling this woofer in a few looks really a 1.2ft box ported to has an awesome flat looking graph hitting -3db at about 30hz. this sub is about $60 here. can some one please tell me just how bad this woofers sq is compared to the others, because the one review Ive found on it says sq is quite decent.

thats it..I cant find infinity or alpine dealers that sell at prices anywhere near reasonable..

I can get my hands on an earthqauke dbr12 and tremor 12 at a good price...but dont know much about them...or wether my amp would push em well(doubt it)..


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The p1, though yes, the build quality is a bit sub-average. I choose that one by process of elimination, not necessarily because they're all good subs.

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I agree with Jexx, not the best, but the best out of the bunch

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thanks for the reply jexx...only prob with p1's I can see other than quality issues are the low sensitiviy rating...smallish xmax(7.2mm)..and the unavoidable lump in fr response in a ported box..

any thoughts?

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Im just looking for decent sound..that will be as loud and clear as possible for the tiny price I want to pay...while running it off just 150w.Im not expecting the sound of a w12


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.. buy my punch z 10s :D.. i'll ship them to there.. lol

never used ;)

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The thing is, that's the sub that would receive the most adequate amount of power. The Pioneer would be underpowered (it has an RMS input of 350w). The MTX would be overpowered (RMS input of 50w-wow), and the MTX will bottom out easily if it gets too much power.

Rule out the other brands, they aren't even worth it.

That's a shame that Infinity and Alpine are so overpriced...

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yea too bad you couldnt get an infinity reference those subs sound good...kinda wish i didnt sell them i couldve thrown them in my moms car...o well w/e i neede money and i got more money than what i paid for them lol

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Thanks guys....looks like you've made my life a little easier...cant wait to get the sub and start designing a thinking a 1.2cuft box with a 3 inch flared port tuned to 30hz..anybody have any recommendations?
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