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I have an old power inverter that runs... about 1000watts. probably 4 years old. Im not sure on what guage wire to run to it. Say it asks for 1/0awg. If I power it off a single 4awg from batter to distro block, then to amp and the invertor. How much trouble can i run into if any, or will it just be low on power... like maybe 600 watts instead of 1000.

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The higher the guage of the wire...the more resistance it will provide (bad)....This will have more of an effect on the amp draw..This will not cause the inverter to put out less W persay...I think you will be fine with 4awg but check the amp draw so you dont blow a fuse

34-70 AMP 8AWG
115 AMP 4AWG

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Mwelch, if you used that inverter with your stock alternator and battery, it'll kill them.
The inverter will eat up 80A of current. Your battery will die within 30 mins of use at that power level.
Don't do it unless you have HO alternator 150A or higher.
FYI, 4 gauge will be fine for 1000w inverter.

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The alternator in the jeep is a 150 amp. In 1998, they had the 5.9 that was "beefed" up from the regular limited. Included was a HO alternator. So 150amp should do ok?
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