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Hi, I'm currently building a system, but I need a head unit. I've been searching and found some really good ones, but I'm not sure if they will fit what I'm trying to do. I'm a recording technology major, and I do alot of mobile recording, and listening (I get to spend very little time at home or within the studio as I'm often looking for new talent to help w/ projects). So, what I need is a system that can handle extra's hooked into it, as well as being able to allow me to hear a demo w/ clarity. Here's the system that I'm putting together.
1) 3 Memphis 10" subs
2) 1000D Memphis amp
3) 2 exide extreme (purple haze) batteries
4) 1 VBF1 Memphis Line Driver
5) MC50 or MC60 Memphis speakers in front door
6) MC60 Memphis speakers in the back door (6.5 round)
7) 3004 Memphis amp (4 channel to drive the fronts)
8) EQ50 Memphis 5 channel equalizer
9) a direct iPod to amp connect and a MP3 disk changer (still shopping for this one)

I'm thinking either an alpine CDA-9847 or similar or panasonic cq-cb8901u HU, but i've also been reading about eclipse HU's. Honestly after all of this I don't really want to spend too much for a head unit, but don't want to get a head unit that can't handle it. Can anyone suggest a HU that can handle this system?And any other suggestions that would make this system better. BTW, this is going in a 1990 4-Runner w/ custom enclosures


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eclipse and alpine make some of the best head units. You'll pay more depending on what features you want in it.

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In essence, all you need is a unit with Front, Rear, and Subwoofer RCA cables. The only other factor that would decipher your decision would be sound adjustment options regarding each RCA output such as crossover points or subwoofer volume control.

Just curious, but why does the system consist of almost exclusively Memphis components?

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Thanx for the answers.

Jexx, simply put: I'm an audio person, but I really don't know much about car audio. I've researched, compared sounds, chatted with the guys at Crutchfield and talked to some of the competition winners. Still don't know much, so I went to the local audio shop near my university, and asked the tech there if he could help me to build a system to fit my needs. I told him what I do, what I need the system to do and this is what he gave me. I feel like he's going a bit overboard (all of these are pretty highend components), but I'm not sure (and am searching the boards for some more info).

Like I said above I'm a recording technology major, basically what that means is I'm a musician who can also mix, master, edit, and produce music. This is what I do. I don't really like the digitally created sounds that are coming out now and so I try to do as much live recording as possible, and I like to do alot of recording outdoors or on the fly. I'm rarely at home or in a studio. I also do alot of talent scouting for the production company that I'm starting, which means listening to demos, and there's nothing worse than trying to listen to a 32 tracked demo in the truck and not hearing part of it because the speakers can't handle the freq's and hearing projects like this also aids in making it sound better. I also want the ability to compete or have a competition able system. My brother's compete in MI, and WA it would be nice to be able to get in every once in a while. This is what he gave me. He might be trying to just get money, but this is what he gave me for an estimate. Even if I go with different brands I will still need similar equipment. I'm open to any suggestions, nothing has been bought yet. I want the best equipment for my money, looks mean nothing. Thanx again.

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