Assuming IDMAX is king...


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Is the IDMAX the absolute best subwoofer for SQ and still having a decent output? I have a large SUV and was wondering if I should go with an IDMAX12, a TREO TSX15.44, or would you recommend something else that sounds really good. I will be running a sinfoni 150.2x most likely for the sub. Let me know what you think. I will also be using a ported enclosure, maybe like 2-2.5 ft3.

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the IDMAX is great, but really emant more for a sealed enclosure.

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Looking here:
they show the response curves with sealed and ported enclosures... and actually the ported enclosure isn't half bad, however, I will agree with glass in the fact that in my opinion the IDMax sounds better in a sealed enclosure... especially if you are going for SQ.

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They work well all around, they do excellent infinite baffle and AP too, or low tuned ported for that matter. t/s parameters are right in the middle.
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