A Newbie : Did i choose good components ?


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Hello Guys .Sorry if my ?s are not entirely suited 2 this forum's section - but here goes !

It's my 1st time attempting a DIY 'decent' audio set-up & it's all gonna be installed in a import 2001 Nissan Wingroad Wagon . Going 4 mainly sound quality but sufficiently loud too - i listen 2 any kind of music from Yanni to Reggae . My wagon's trunk area is fairly large about 3ft in depth & 4 ft wide (rear passenger seat can be laid down if i need to).

Here is the system i'm strongly considering ....

A) Pioneer Premier HU - P860MP ... $340
B) 4 Soundstream XTS6.5 3ways 150rms each (installing 1 in each door !)... $42/pair
C) 2 Pioneer 12inch TS-W306DVC in a rectangular ported box ... $66 each
D) 4 Power Acoustik NB-1 (installing 1 in each door !) for extra clarity ... $9/10 /pair
E) Hifonics 4channel TX8805 (for highs/mids) 4x220rms @ 2ohms...$200
F) Hifonics BX 2005D - for the subs...$340 , i know this amp is too strong (will turn gains down now )but may add more subs later on ...
G) Soundstream SC.5C (5 farad cap)...$110

May upgrade alt & batt later on too . As u will notice i didn't go 4 high $ brands as i'm new & experimenting & will improve as i get more experienced . I have heard those subs & i like em 4 their power/$ value but would opinions of others if i chose my stuff well ...... thanx in advance .

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Sounds alright to me. Sure as hell better than my first "system"!!! Keep it up. But be prepared, you're gonna want to upgrade really quick! It's an addicting hobby! And welcome to the forums!

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Thanx Jake . Like a guy i know said 'its like drugs & u just wanna get higher & higher'

Not me that much thank u ! but thats Y i choose such loud 150rms SS door speakers & an oversized sub amp so upgrading will b as easy as adding another sub & system can still b fairly balanced ...

Comments from anybody else ?????

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My suggestions? If you'd be willing to do ebay you could get great Infinity speakers for the price of the Soundstream speakers, however they probably wouldn't require as much power. Also, i'm assuming the Power Acoustik NB-1's are tweeters. If you want to retain good sound image I don't think it would be worth it to add them to the rear doors.

The gain isn't a volume control and shouldn't be used as one on the Hifonics BX 2005D, but that's up to you.

Finally, cut the capacitor, all they do is put more strain on your system and I think five farads is a bit overkill to begin with. If more power is needed(which your system definitely needs as the Hifonics BX 2005D is pulling more than 100 amps and your stock alternator most likely only has about 40 amps to play with), get a high output alternator.
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