Enough power for 700rms? ALTERNATOR?


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I have a 500rms Memphis amp and a 200rms Memphis amp on my highs. so about 700rms total power.

My alternator is a AC DELCO 105 AMP factory alternator. System drops, but I think I need more power to hit those really really low bass notes.

The batt indicator drops almost to red mark, when I hit some lower notes. Lights also bump to music at night, just a little bit.

Should I get a high output alternator. Or is this alternator suppose to be enough for my setup?

I wanted to do the 2nd battery in the trunk. With this same alternator. But it seems to be working hard.

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Why would you want to get 2nd battery? Go read the post in this thread about HO alternator. I posted a lenghty one explaining the difference. You might find it useful.
Your battery indicator and lights dimming is a good clue as to what you need to do. Your current alternator is not supplying enough power.
Have you upgraded the alternator to battery, battery to ground and engine to chassis? They should all be at least 4 gauge.

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No. I have not. They are still factory, looks like 10gauge.

Im thinkin I need a new Car kit also. Cause Im not currently using 4gauge either. Its using 8guage.

Could all of this contribute to my power problems also?

OR should I just save up and get the HO alternator?

I like my music and would appreciate if I did not have to start the car everytime I bump!

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You should go ahead and start replacing your 2 main wires with 4 gauge. Battery to ground and engine to chassis. The alternator to ground can be purchased together with the HO alternator. If not wait till you get it first and then determine the length and connector type required before spending money.
You can also buy the power amp wiring kit too. They're something you WILL need for any amp over 350w rms.
Don't try and save few dollars by getting a 2nd battery and isolator. It will not be as useful nor good as a real HO alternator.
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