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Hey guys, I just got a new headunit and I already installed it in my car and I really like it. I have a few questions though. There are a few features that I don't really understand. One is Loudness. I can turn it on or off. Whats the point of that? The DSO and BBE MP seem to just boost some base and make it louder without turning the volume knob.

The more important thing that I don't understand is the high and low pass filter controls. Don't these only apply if I have crossovers? I'm getting a pair of component speakers and some rear deck speakers in a few days and I want to clear up what does what. The comps come with external crossovers, do the HPF and LPF on the headunit control these? Or do they become obsolete? Or do they work in conjunction?

Another thing is the subwoofer control. I'm guessing this only does something if I have a subwoofer, but I'd just like to make sure. Thanks for any help!!

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Another thing I forgot about. If I get an amp with built in crossovers how do these interact with the crossovers in the component speakers and the frequency filter controls in the headunit? Do I just have to make sure that I set them all to the same frequencies? Thanks again!!

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I'll take a stab at this. I'm sure those with more knowledge will come in and correct my mistakes.

Subwoofer control - leave it off, unless you install a subwoofer amp and a subwoofer.

High pass and low pass filters determine which frequencies get sent to the specific channel. A high pass filter will normally pass 250 hz and above. Most newer head units will allow you to determine exactly where the cut off point is.

The low pass filter will normally pass 250 hz and below. Again, that point is adjustable on most newer head units.

The adjust point is the cross over.

Normally you would adjust the crossover so that your larger speakers are low pass and so that you don't send the highs to those speakers/amps. Your smaller speakers are normally setup for the higher frequencies.

It is normally best to match the HU crossover frequeny with the AMP crossover frequency. No sense in the HU pushing frequencies that the amp is going to filter out.

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"One is Loudness. I can turn it on or off. Whats the point of that? The DSO and BBE MP seem to just boost some base and make it louder without turning the volume knob..."

Loudness increases the level of the audio signal at those frequencies where the ear's sensitivity is reduced as the volume decreases. At the upper end of the volume control's range, the loudness contour has little or no effect.

DSO stands for Dynamic Soundstage Organizer which basically makes the front speakers sound like they are a bit higher than they are creating a more airy atmosphere, but the downside to this is distortion at higher volumes.

BBE stands for Barcus-Berry Enhancement, I believe, and it just restores bass and ensures that the treble reaches at the same rate as the bass. In essence, it neutralizes phase distortion. I would suggest you leave that setting turned on, it really makes a difference...
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