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Im mad...Im getting a amp for my car speakers but i was looking at a 500 watt amp....and i looked it up online and its only 60 watts rms...Now im not good at math but thats only 240 watts for 4 Chanels...Thats not even half the peak power..Can i turn my amp up to get more that 60 rms or am i being gyped?

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your being "gyped" the crap companies (sony,legacy,pyramid.etc) advertise a high peake power that they will never reach but when you look at their rms rating its really low...what kind of speakers do you have and what amp was you looking at

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lol, they do reach the max power but only for a very (and i mean very) short moment, like 1-5 seconds before the amp will trip out.

Sony is getting better at displaying information, when its in english that is.

When looking at an amp always divid the max wattage by 3 to get a rough guess of its RMS, and do the same with ur speakers. The min power u need ur amp to operate at is one third of ur sub/speakers RMS rating. Never over or under power ur sub as both are as potientally damaging. As i found out £300 later!

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Never look at anything other than RMS.

Also try to get a Signal to noise rating of better/higher than 100db
and a Total harmonic distortion rating of .05 or lower.

Ask in the forums before you buy, but dont take any OPINIONS as
100% fact! When I asked about SoundStream I was told SS is nogood anymore and stopped making good amps 3~5 years ago.
I bought one anyway(an 2004 Van Gogh) and its the cleanest amp I've ever heard!(I've been an installer for over 25 years)and
I've heard alot of amps. I've had Zapco's, LinearPower's, Orion's, PPI's. I mostly used LP but this SS Van Gogh will be the last amp
I buy for a long time!

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I have to 6x9 Sony Explods 220 peak in back and 2 6.5 Sony Explods 180 peak in front and im getting a 500 sony explod peak (60 rms) 4 channel amp...Can i make that Amp run at higher then 60 Rms and how

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"Can i make that Amp run at higher then 60 Rms and how"

Nope. Only option is to get a more powerful amplifier.

Max, Peak, PMPO power ratings are bogus and should be fully ignored. A peak power rating is typically derived by use of an elbow length rubber glove and a smelly orifice. RMS is the true power output of an amplifier, and if these companies were honest enough about their ratings, the peak power would really be the RMS multiplied by 1.41. Since the companies are not honest, you will typically see a rating that is only possible if lightning strikes the amplifier.


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haha lightning strikes i should go try that..hook up a big antenna to my amps positive output and wait till the lightning that should power my subwoofers sure people will be able to hear me miles away :-)

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Underpowering will never hurt a speaker, NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER. It's when you try to compensate by cranking up your gains that it will be damaged.
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