Finally Finished my System!!!


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I been posting on here for a while and finally finished my system...

Subs : I have (2) Audiobahn AW1208T's. The subs are 1500rms a piece.

Amps : I have (2) Hifonics BX1500D's , They are also 1500rms a piece and a Hifonics ZX6400 pushing 170 to my outdated but still good SQ Alpines and Blaupunkts.

Box : I have a ported 7 cubic foot box seperated on the inside tuned to 35hz.

Alternator : I have a 250 amp 3M alt.

Deck : I have a Premier DEH-P960MP , best deck ever...

Last time I got it metered I hit 144.7 at 44hz but my box is tuned to 35hz and so are my subs so I don't know what happend there. I have all this in a 1989 Ford Bronco so I would hit much harder in something smaller.

Tell me what you Audiobahn insults.


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if i rember those subs right they did spec out well at the 3.50 cf each and as fat as you peaking there its not where your port tunes the decideds it its where its peaks at with that box tune and box size alond with your resonant frequency but id bet 44 hz isnt it other things helped that frquency along. my 6.5s peak at 43 hz in my abc box and i know that isnt my cars resonant frequency.

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sounds like a nice setup. not a the biggest fan of audiobahn bu i bet it sounds pretty damn good

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Good setup so far. 2 things you might want to upgrade in the future for SQ, amps and subs.

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I love the amps I wouldn't get rid of them for the world , I recently had one fry on me and it turned out to be a coil came loose inside so I resoldered it to the circuit board and everything is fine now. As far as the subs yeah Id love to get some different ones or a different one , but Ive already got the box made , tuned and fit for my truck so I don't really want to have to go through all of the box making again.
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