Alpine or kicker


Robert j
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would two alpine 12inch type r be better then two kicker 12inch vr subs? I'm using a Kicker 600.1
600rms at 2ohms 300rms at 4ohms. or just give me some names of subs that would give me the full potental of my amp, weather it is one sub or two.

Alpine specs- RMS 300w PEAK 1000w

Kicker specs- RMS 400w PEAK 800w

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I would go with Alpine, a little headroom is nice to have.

Tim L.
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^ headroom?.. u must think PEAK watts is more important..


Robert J
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you guy need to make up your minds, any body else have some sugestions?

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Since you have a Kicker amp, I would probably go with the Kicker subs, both are comparable in specs and performance, and I wouldn't worry about the peak power rating, it's just a thermal rating. Of course, it really would depend on how much space you have and what kind of box you want, that would make more of a difference as far as comparing the two subs.

go with the kicker sub...

If you need space go with the Alpine but if you go with the kickers go for the Comps instead. They have a higher Sensitivity and the lower power rating doesn't matter much since you'll be giving them each 300 watts.

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sensativity means almost nothing when figuring for SPL/SQ, VR's are a much better choice than just comps, and i believe comps handle 200w rms? not sure

got with the kicker comp vr's - i like type-r's tho too heh but comp vr's will give you more punch for the power

12"comps are more like 150 watts RMS...easy to 10's did...over powered em a little

sounded good though

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i would go with the kicker comp's i have never heard any thing good about alpines subs OR amps realy good decks though and ya sence you have the kicker amp then go with the kicker subs

I have get kicker Comps that would be a waste of a good amp!!!

If you get comps you'd have to use 2 8ohm sub and put em in paralell to the amp to give em 300 watts rms...but the amp could give 600 watts rms at 2 ohms!!!

Get 2 12"CompVr's....the DVC 2 ohm ones and wire em in series-paralell....that will give you a 2 ohm load and the amp will give about 600 watts (300 to each sub)....and kicker amps are under rated i may give closer to 700 watts....(i've heard of birthsheets w/ upwards of 700 on them).

what does your birth sheet read???

that's your best choice if you go kicker....and kicker is a good co.

that is what i would do in that situation.......

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go with the comps because peak isnt everything.
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