How would I hook it? What kind of capacitor?


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Listen...or Read...2 10" 2 600 peak watt amps and 1 250 peak watt amp. I'm going to hook a power distribution block to power the amps. What kind of capacitor is best to use? 1 farad, 2 farad, 3farad?

Another question... I have 2 MTX crossovers just to hook my tweeters and my door speakers. Is it possible to hook the input leads of the crossovers to the speaker leads of the amp and would it actually amplify the sound?

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install the capacitors after the power distribution before the amps. The crossovers are installed on the speaker outputs of the amp, and then to the speakers. Yes, the amplified signal of the amp flows thru the crossovers, but the x-overs due not add power, only filter the signal.

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I think you will need just 2 caps, one for each sub amp.

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Go to another thread about capacitors,
Read what glasswolf has written,
I have caps,
they are a blow your load once gimmick and you waste your money

1. I got no more power
2. I didn't get better response
3. It didn't save my electrical system
4. I now have a $100 volt meter which is stupid
5. Don't tell me my cap is too small, its 2.2 farad by highwave (made by scosche) and my system isn't that grand

Lucky for me it has a silouhette of a chick on the front, otherwise I would have chucked it out the car window.

Somewhere else on this site I wrote the philosophy of what a cap does, and that is true, but spend your money on something intelligent instead:

(batteries and alternator)

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read these two articles I wrote:

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if you have strong subs you'll benefit from a cap.

it will sound better, for sure !

what kind of system do you have that you need a 2.2 F cap? didn't you know, the higher the capacity the slower the output. it's better to get more 1 F caps instead of one big one, but ONLY if you have strong suckers. since you said you're system isn't that big, yep, you probably wasted your cash

for a powerful car stereo system ( I'm talking one Grand RMS & up) a cap is a MUST !!! of course not those 79$ sticker cans on ebay....
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