How important are these features?


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I've been considering replacing my stock head unit but I have been trying to decide how important certain features are.

Time correction- seems like it might be important for phase coherence.

EQ- there are a bunch of types, so what kind do I need?

I really just want a nice clean system without spending an insane amount. It seems like the more-lauded decks like the Nak and McIntosh don't have any of these features. I mostly listen to MP3s at this point so I could care less about Burr-Brown DACs and stuff like that.

The other thing is I drive a convertible and I was wondering if any head units had automatic volume adjustment for noise.

The units I was looking at include the JVC SHX850 and Pioneer Premier DEH-860MP, both of which have Auto-EQ and Auto-Time Correction. The JVC has the additional benefit of an SD card slot which I think would be great for MP3 listening. (The JVC looks like it might fit better in my interior...)

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The time correction is most likely something you set manually to compensate for where each speaker is located.

EQ is variable...most decks will have some type of preset such as Rock, Pop, Concert etc. But the best EQ's are the ones where you can adjust each frequency manually. Generally, I look for ones with at least five bands of adjustment, but they range from anywhere between three and thirteen-possibly more. There is also parametric EQ which involves Q and does more of the equalizing for you.

The high-bit DAC's are very worth it, I've been blown back by how awesome the sound is on some models...

For your convertible, I can't say much other than you'll just have to get a nice system to make up for the noise, heh.
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