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I have a Memphis PR200.2 Amplifier on my speakers. AMP is not bridged! I am using this amp with some of my factory speakers which I believe are 10ohms a piece! Two ACDELCO 6*9 @ 10ohms, Two ACDELCO 6&1/2 @ 10ohms, and Two BOSE 4*6 @ 2/4ohms (not sure) which I installed as extra in my dash. The amps kicks these speakers hard, I do notice that the bose in the dash are louder. Must be getting extra power. Problem is that the AMPlifier overheats and goes into protect mode after about 1hour of use @ high levels. Is this due to my speaker configuration? I am open to any sugestions. I do plan on replacing the factory speakers with 4ohms when I get the $$. Please help. AMP is brand NEW!

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My goal is to push 6 speakers! with the Memphis PR200.2 Amplifier. My speaker slots are as above 4*6, 6*9, 6.5. If I place all 4ohm speakers in these slots will my AMP stop overheating and going into protect? Thinkin about SONY speakers.

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wire the 4x6's and 6.5 in series on each channel
(negative to positive)
you should only have two wires for each channel when your through


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thnks 4 response

ok so I should wire the 4*6 and 6.5 in series? Can i do this with my current setup? 10ohms? MY 4*6 are 4ohms

or should I wait till i replace all speakers with 4ohms b4 i do that? I believe 1 of my 6.5 10ohms are blown. So will this effect the setup? Im thinkin I should wait for all new speakers.

my question is really if i replace all 6 speakers with 4ohms will this still cause the amp to over heat, thats if I leave them in parrallel?

Really dont want to take the dash off again and rewiere, but i will if i have to.


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If you replace them all with 4ohms, when wired in parallel, your amp will see a load of 1.34ohms. You might just barely get away with it going into protect the minute you turn it on, but it will heat up as fast as it is now (you're running either 1.43ohms or 2.23ohms, depending on the one speaker).

Why do you need 6 speakers? You're not going to be getting any channel seperation between the speakers and you have no rear channel at all. Unless you have a super SQ system and some insane time spent imaging, it it pointless. Buy two high quality speakers to run off the amp and mount them properly and run some rear fill of the HU. You'll get the best results.

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Ok so I should run 4 speakers instead of the 6.

I just wanted more of a full sound, but the factory only used 4 so thats what I will stick with.

I will do this, cause I dont want amp to over heat at all. I plan on getting some Sony 6*9 and 6.5. I hope they are good speakers..

I do have a 7band eq. & sperate crossover on SUB amp.

Highs & Mids AMP: Memphis PR200.2
SUBS: Memphis Mclass (2) 12s
SUB AMP: Memphis 16mc500d
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