System actin up, Advice, 2 Shivas with 600.1 kicker amp


Well my system has started acting up a little. Its starting to sound really bad. The subs are unbalanced i really dnt knw how else to describe it.

THey used to be able to hit really hard without sound bad or distorting. Also one of the subs makes this buzzing sound and its done that ever since ive had it. I bought the two shivas from where i was reccomendded from this site also the guy lives in perry utah whcih i live in SLC close by i thought about contactin him but regarding this does soldering the connectiions (voicecoils) to the wires bad for it will it void the warranty. I went to a professional asked what best way to setup my wiring and he told me exactly what i had done. the - to the - to the amp (dual voice coil.) and same with the positive.

Ill clearly clear anything up if its confusing which im sure it is, i mad some short video clips with my digital camera to kinda clear things up though bass dosnt travel well through speakers but its aint badd.

My Deck
This is just showing my stuff quickly and some sound

This shows you the buzzing sound in my right speaker leason closely and you can hear it exspecially at the beginning.

Perhaps i have too big of a box, my box is pretty big its like 18 wide by 14 long and 13ish high these are estimates.

ill fix images in a sec if not workin
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