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Im in the market for a new head unit. I was looking at the Alpine CDA-9855! Is there another unit out there that has a lot of fun features to play with. Price range cant be over $799 I just wanted to research a few units and make sure im purchasing something that i actually like. Thanks guys

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MAN! You can get an awesome deck for $800! I picked up my CDA-9833 for $265 total! It's older, but Alpine's been having trouble with their newer 55 decks. Check out that comes in handy. Try an Eclipse deck out, not sure of the model numbers, but with that much to spend, you could get a good one. But that 9855 is a pretty slick deck.

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You can get a 9855 for 450 or less on ebay. I personally did not like the touch pad. I am getting the DXZ955MC which is as good or better and it has a touch screen and around the same on ebay. Eclipse cd8455 is alittle more and has fun features as well about 550 on ebay but if you want ipod functions I suggest the clarion dxz955mc

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Had it, took it back. The glide feature made me wanna get drunk and beat my dog. I got the KDC-X789 now. Kenwood has some pretty good features. i.e g force analyzer (speed demons) Havent use it in a practical situation. Also they put a motion activated stop watch to do your 1/4 miles in. 0 - 60 and so one.

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stay away from eclipse! i have an eclipse deck and processor. worked great for about 6 months and now it's just one thing after another going wrong with it. totally overpriced crap. retailer was less than sympathetic and eclipse doesn't like to return emails. f*ck em both, won't buy from either ever again

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i have the cda 9855. i got it brand new for 399. ironbytes is right the glide touch is alright when you are sitting still, but when you are driving, not that easy to use. But that head unit will control alpine amps and tell the temp and voltage off them. So overall i love and will be keeping mine

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i dont see why the glidetouch is so hard to use. i dont have any problems while parked or driving.

Stay away from Alpine 05' models. Either their R&D were smoking bong or their sparts supplier were north korean crap. The Alpine CDA9833 (older model) is great coz' it has 4V preout. But given the choice now i should have went for Clarions. Stay away from touch screens and slide panels, might look awesome at first but problems ahead.
Just my opinion anyway. Happy thumping dudes!!

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I just got the CDA9855 with the iPod connector and the XM radio and I have to say I am very frustrated with it... the sound is amazing, but I feel like the interface is insanely confusing and lacking. The thing is, this is my first aftermarket stereo, so I don't know if they all have this problem. Here are a few of my many complaints:

a) Damn glidetouch is clunky as all hell and is not an intuitive or easy way to get around (esp. on the iPod interface). A roll wheel or even a rotary knob selecter (like the volume knob) is MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE. If you are going to reinvent the wheel, at least make it on par. This is considerably less efficient and slow way to scroll through large amounts of information.

b) the iPod connection is virtually unusable unless you are on random mode because it takes so long just to scroll through the many titles I have. I am pretty much limited to my playlists. Navigating to "The Police" for example is nearly impossible.

c) you can only browse the first 511 songs, artists, albums, etc. I have 6000+ songs on the iPod and this is unacceptable.

d) in both XM and iPod mode, it takes about 5 seconds for channel information to load on the screen when switching from one channel to the next (channel up / down). So instead of quickly scanning through stations, you have to slowly go one by one to see what they are. The stock radio in the crappy rental cars I drive when out of town handle this perfectly.

e) For some stupid reason, they felt it was necessary to flash (animated, of course) the words "channel up" everytime you press the channel up button. This text stays on the screen for at least a couple of seconds. Same for the volume. This obscures the screen so you can't read the channel name (or song title).

f) THERE ARE NO SIMPLE BASS / TREBLE CONTROLS!! You have to set up some ridiculously complex EQ levels in several submenus in order to get some semblance of control. You have to click several menu items and then glide the damn glide bar to set these EQ presets and you have to do the same to select them as well.

g) There is no option to view Artist and Song at the same time. Only Artist and Album and Song and Album. With the high tech screen and animations, you'd think they'd figure out a way to show three lines of information at once... instead they take up a whole line with the Source (iPod / XM etc.)

h) In the first level of the menu, you have GLIDETOUCH to the RETURN menu item to get out of the menu (or if you read the manual, you can hold Menu down for 2 seconds). Meanwhile, you can't turn the volume down when you are in Menu mode (although mute works).

i) However, if you are deeper into the menu structure, you can hit menu to "go back" and there is no RETURN item, which seems inconsistent.

j) In general, I would say this stereo is a road hazard because almost anything you do requires you to look at the display for at least 5 seconds averting your gaze from the road. I almost rear ended someone in traffic trying to change songs on the iPod.

I am pretty much going to return this to BestBuy, which is a hassle because I had it installed somewhere else and its going to cost me to reinstall a new system. I want a top of the line headunit with iPod and XM, with lots of features, but that doesn't require that you stop the vehicle to use even the most basic features. I guess I just expect things to be intuitive and easy to use.

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Bro i have the perfect setup for you. Get the DEH-P80MP or the DEH-P7700MP if you want Pioneer. The best one for the ipods hands down is a Kenwood. Im sure you have to use an adapter to do Satellite Radio and Ipod on the Kenwood.Not sure how much adapter is to have both.

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Thanks xDrummer... I'm going to check them out. I made my navigation a LITTLE easier using playlists on the iPod, but still the Gstrip is impossible to use when driving. I'm definitely returning the whole thing.

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Yeh Aplines are nice decks just hard to use with Ipod,Just get the Kenwood KDC-MP828 and the Ipod adapter.You will be very happy.
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