Hey Jonathan, I need your opinion on a new system for a 2005 Navigator


Ted Takai
Unregistered guest
Hi Jon, you seem really knowledgable so I thought I would ask for some advice. I have 2005 Lincoln Navigator, and have a pair of DLS irridium 6.5 speakers for the fronts, DLS UR6 for the rears, and I am going to go with all DLS ultimate amps. To give you an idea of my overall budget its between 10K and 15K. I have a few questions:

1) I am going to go with a pair of 10 inch subs sealed enclosure just above the rear wheel well. Which DLS 10 inch sub do you recommend?

2) What's your recommendation on a head unit for good SQ. And is there a head unit with dvd and lcd screen that has good SQ for CDs that isn't over 2K?

3) Active verses passive. Do you recommend an active system over a passive system for superior SQ?

4) If you recommend Active, can you give me a recommendation on an active crossover that will work well with the DLS component sets, amplifiers and sub I am going with.

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