Alpine CDA-9851 vs. CDA-9847


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Hey Folks,

I am upgrading my HU in my Jeep Wrangler this week, and trying to choose between the Alpine CDA-9851 and the CDA-9847. The only difference I've seen is the face plate. All of the settings are the same, and they have the same features. I wanted the CDA-9851 because it looked like the screen was more readable, and displayed more information. It also seemed like it might keep more dust out of my CD player because the face would be in front of it. Its going to cost me 40 more bucks, but I'm thinking it might be worth it? However, I have been reading stories of folks getting CD's stuck behind a swinging face plate. Has Alpine fixed the stuck CD issue? Should I get the 51 or the 47?

Also, does anyone have experience with memphis M-Class 130-A coaxial speakers?


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There hasnt really been many issues with the 47 getting the disc stuck. But i must say, if you are looking for a nice display, the 47 leads somehting more to be desired. I mean the display is ok, but if i did it over again i'd probably try the 51. YOu should check them out in a store first, maybe that will help.

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I did check them out at "Toys with Noise" (a place out here in michigan), and I liked the display on the 51 better. I'm just worried i'll be paying more for something that looks pretty, but doesn't work. :/

Does the 47 sound pretty?

Anybody have any other experiences with the 47 or the 51?

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I actually looked at both when I was upgrading to an aftermarket CD player... I couldn't decide which one I wanted either. After going to the local audio store, listening to them all, and comparing features I decided to go with a cheaper, better looking, better sounding Pioneer Premier 470MP. I got it for $179 and it has many different types of EQ etc. that the Alpine lacks. Check it out, I like it so far!

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The 9851 doesnt have any problems witht he cd getting stuck..the 53 and 55 are then ones with the problems..since its only a $40 difference just get the once you think looks nicer

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I figured that the 53 and 55 would have a similar swing mech because its in the "50's" series?

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the alpine 51 is great, very easy to work and its worth the extra $
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