I would appreciate some advice...


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Hi guys
I am putting a new system in my car and i need some advice. i will be running an eclipse head unit into a KENWOOD KAC8452 4 channel amp (70W RMS per channel). The front speakers are just 5.25" numbers (jensen i think) that were in the car when i purchesed it. I'm going to leave them in until i can afford something really nice. My dilemma is what to do for the rears (not getting a sub by the way). I am in the process of making an enclosure to house some 6X9s. I have already purchased some JL Audio TR690-TXi (rated at 70w RMS) but am thinking of swapping them for some Pioneer tsa6971. The Pioneers are slightly cheaper because of a deal they have going and the surrounds are not foam but a rubbery material (and they're rated at 80 W RMS). The JLs have the foam. I don't know what to do. The difefrence in price is irrelevant. I like the idea of JL because they ONLY do car audio (at least in Australia) but the pioneers seem better on paper. What do i do! BTW i like my bass (but aren't into much rap) and aren't getting a sub. Also, the sound was comparible between them at the store but i didn't really want to push them to hard in front of all those people. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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can anyone help me? i'm running out of time until i don't have the option to exchange the JLs if need be....

I really need some good advice here

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Next time you test them at the store, you really should push them in front of everyone, they don't care and it's not like they can do anything either. heh heh

Anyway, the JL will be better than the Pioneer, the surrounds are irrelevant to the sound in my opinion as long as the rest of the speaker is built well. I also think it would sound best if you got the front speakers replaced if possible.

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thankyou very much for the reply.
unfortunately at the store they dont have those pioneers hooked up, only had the 4-way version to compare the J Ls to. i could'nt really tell much difference.
you dont think the pioneers are better because they can handle more RMS?
other posts seem to indicate that pioneer speakers are very bassy which would be a plus because i'm not getting a sub.
i plan on having the fronts (which are behind me anyway as i have a 260z and the speaker are mounted behind the seats facing each other) turned down lower with less bass going into them. until i either replace them or disconnect them altogether.

thanks again for the reply

does anyone else have any opinions on this issue?
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