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hi, im new here, so i dont kno much people.
anyway,, im thinking of getting subs into my truck, a 97 Ford F150 w/Extended Cab (its the 3 door w/ suicide passenger 3rd door). The seats for back and front is the 60/40. currently, im looking at the current setup for my truck (after long amounts of research..)

- 1 12" JL 12w7
- 1 500/1 JL Slash Series Amp
- 1 Pair XR 5x7CSi Components for the front speakers
- 1 Pair TR 5x7CoAx for the back speakers

as you probably kno, the w7 is really big. the person i talked to said the only way to fit that badboy into the truck is to lift the back seat (the 40 part), and put the box where that is. the sub will be pretty close to one of the 5x7 co-ax and will be offset to the right. my question is, will this affect the soundstage of the truck, since the sub is situated on one side (where the passenger seat behind the driver is), won't it make the bass a little distorted? also, because the sub is situated close to the speaker, wont it distort the sound coming from the speaker?

also, is there any other options i have to ensure a perfect soundstage, and at the same time, shake the breathe out of my passengers and maybe some nearby kids with the same setup, or should i jus downgrade to something that can slip under?

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forget the 5x7s
it's a truck so forget rear fill. no need for it.
go with one really good set of separates in the doors instead.
JL XR, Focal Utopia, Rainbow, DynAudio.. something like that, and use a 2 channel amp for them, or a bridged 4 channel amp.

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im not worried about the speakers. the 5x7s are chosen cuz it fits perfectly in the stock speaker hole. im jus worried about my sub. at the moment, i got 5x7s all around, but i like my bass deep and hard and loud.

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no it wont affect your front stage sound, i have a sub on the left side of my trunk in my car and you cant tell where it is listening...no biggie

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I would consider having the audio shop raise the 60 seat to match the height of the raised 40 when installing the w7. Yeah the wavelength at 40 hz is longer than your vehicle, so will not be able to tell from where the sound of the sub is coming from (unidirectional)

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no, i shouldnt say its being lifted, i should more say the 40 seat will be taken out

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i wanna know if two alpine 12 will be able to handle 2 phoenix gold xs2500 the amps are 500rms each

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why did you post on this topic outbrake? Your ignoring it and asking a completely different question.

"I wanna know if 15 JL 13w7's with 15 1000.1 JL amps will be loud"
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