5x7 / 6x8 speakers.. which brand


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2000 Mercury Cougar..
two in the front doors..
two in the rear panels..

Sub will be added at a later time.
Stock head unit will provide power temporarly.. but aftermarket is soon in coming.
Speakers probably will not be amped unless i go with a 5ch amp.

Want good response and clean sound..
Not looking for high-end, but dont want low-end either.. but around mid to mid-high class.

Suggestions on brand and models?

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The alpine type r's sound good and there priced prety good. Or maybe you could go get some good old jensens.lol

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Is there any particular reason you are looking for 6x9s? Two reasons why I ask. Number 1: If you are going to be adding a sub later, your not going to have to rely on you 6x9s for bass. Becuase that what 6x9s are, they provide a full range of frequencies, bass, mids and highs. Number 2: Your not going to want to power 6x9s with a head unit, much less your stock head unit. You may just want to look into getting some good coaxial 6 1/2 inch speakers that can be powered by the head unit.

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isaac i think if you look again the title states 5x7/6x8 which generally are the same.. but no where is 6x9 mentioned.. thanks for that input though.. ill keep that in mind

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Use some common sense, a 6x9 is the same frickin thing as a 6x8 or a 5x7. They are just shaped a little different to fit in certain cars.

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Heh, heh, there actually is quite a difference when it comes to actually getting a 6x9 to fit in a 6x8 location. I had to cut the holes bigger in my father's Ford in order for it to retain the 6x9 Infinitys he bought.

Get Infinity Reference for now. They will sound good hooked up to the headunit and better after they are hooked up to an external amp. You can find them for great prices on ebay. About 40 bucks compared to paying 100 from a retailer.

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He's referring to the difference between an oval speaker and a round speaker, I believe.
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