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Alrite today i got my speakers replaced cuz they were destorting and they were under waranty so they were free of charge. As the guy was installing them i was jus talking to him n telling him i wanted something more powerful and he told me the current speakers i had were perfectly fine the only thing i would need to upgrade is a better up that provided clean power...the speakers im talkin bout are

Size: 6 x 9
Sensitivity: 91 dB
Frequency Response: 50-21,000 Hz
Recommended RMS Power: 100W
Peak Power Handling: 300W
Impedance: 4 ohms

Alrite so then he goes to tell me that hes running the same speakers in his car and hes feeding them a "clean" 1200 Watts that possible???....also i asked him how the infinity perfect series speakers would compare with these speakers and he said they were exactly the same cuz there both the same company, true???


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1200 watts rms to some 6x9's no way. yea for the brands JBL & infinity is 2 diffrent compaies. I havent heard the GTO 6x9's but I know Infinity make some good Component Systems yea I have the Reference Series and they sound good have good range just on my HeadUnit. But yea the Infinity KAPPA series have a great line of speakers I think they would be a better speaker than the JBL GTO's,especially if you put an amp on them.
LOOK into the INFINTY KAPPA 693.7I

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I would almost guarentee that those speakers are going to max out long before 100W, with an amp.
They're not the same speakers, but, yes, Infinity and JBL have the same parent company. Like Orion and a/d/s with DEI.
I agree with CBC, just go with the Infinitys with an amp.

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same parent company usualy indicated that the child companies manufacture their parts to different specifications or tolerances.

Ford and Lincoln, Weico and Vitos, Chevy and GMC etc

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6x9s are terrible for SQ. They will NOT handle 100w. If you try, you'll notice that the cone will start cracking. I'd never use them. If you need more power and SQ, replace them with 6.5" components. You can easily modify the 6x9 hole to fit 6.5".
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