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Alright, so I'm new on the car audio scene. Just got my first job, so now I have money to put into my truck's sound system.

Right now I have a '90 F-150 with 2 factory speakers in the doors. Needless to say, 15 year-old stock door speakers suck. No lows at high volume, and the highs start to distort and crackle at high volumes. Plus, it just sounds hollow.

Also, my head unit isn't factory. My dad replaced it (the truck was his until I turned 16) a couple of years ago. The brand is Optimus, I believe, and I don't really know much else about it. It works well enough for me, though.

So, phase 1 of my upgrade has begun. I just ordered a pair of 6.5 inch Kenwood KFC-1669S to replace the door speakers. Based on the fact that what I really want out of these speakers is good highs at high volumes, was this a good purchase? I'll likely have the lows all the way down and the highs all the way up on the HU, because I want highs out of these and the bass will come when I decide to get some subwoofers.

So, are those speakers good for a "rookie" such as myself?


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I would have recommended you start with a new HU, a set of maybe Infinity kappa or Infinity reference components and an amp. I didn't even know Optimus (Radio Shack) made HUs, haha.

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They're ok, but as Jake said, Infinity would be a better way to go, especially off of ebay. And Optimus? Replace that thing!

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lol :P

Yeah, yeah, the HU sucks, I know... It's bad when you try looking it up on google and you can't find ANY info on it... lmao

But a new one would cost a LOT, and I'll have to wait for a couple more paychecks before I can upgrade that. Like I said, Optimus works well enough for me right now, so I'm not in a complete rush to replace it. But I will.

Yeah, I've heard Infinity is a good brand, and down the road when the money stacks up I'll probably replace the Kenwoods if they're not up to par, but from what I've heard they should be. I can't wait for them to get here! Ordered them last night! This will be my first install EVER, and hopefully I can get through it with all the help Crutchfield provides. Wish me luck.


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How much do you plan to spend on this over a period of time? Any idea, or are you just flying by the seat of your pants?

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I guess you could say I'm flying by the seat of my pants, because I don't know when I'm going to stop upgrading. I do know that as long as I have the F-150 I don't have enough room to go REALLY big, so I'll probably keep it simple.
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