JL audio XR and VR series?


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I just installed a 13W7 and 1000/1 amp and need new compent speakers. I was thinking XR or VR series. Are these the right match, and will i need front and rear speakers. I am new to this and do not know much about it so any information on speakers will be helpful.

big ed

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All about personal preference, if you can go listen to a set of JL components, then do so and see if you like them. There may be other sets you'd like better, I personally like the Adire Audio Kodas better for the money spent.

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thank you jonathan

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sorry if you had received no replies,
guess not many ppl using JL comps.

i've had the VR-525 b4 in my civic hatchback,
excellent clarity from the german-made tweeters,
mid-bass speakers can sound abit distorted if cranked too loud.
guess i shld have used the 6.5" ones...
bottomline, the VRs are good enuff for me.

BTW, i knw of ppl recommending me to use just front components, together with your subs will give a gd enuff soundstage...

but if you need to put in rear speakers, don't need to use comps in them cos they tend to mix-up with your front comps and in the end, you won't get the soundstage that you want.

hope this helps...

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get VRs powered by a clean 50-80 rms per channel amp (JL E2150 will do fine) and you'll get loud and clear

i got XRs and their metal tweeters aren't easy to listen to, they make ur ears hurt after a while (and yes i've played round with the install/settings)

VRs have silk dome tweeters and pretty much the same mid as the XRs you cant go wrong

personally i'd try diamond audio hex's or D6s (silk tweeter versions) over JL components, but if u wanna keep it in the family do NOT i repeat do NOT bother with the XRs, VR the way to go
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