My amp WONT turn off even when i switch car engine off, WHY??


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ive just installed a sound system in my Golf MK in exactly the same way as i installed in in my old car, Astra which played perfectly well. However, in my Golf when i take the keys out the ignition the Amp remains on so i keep having to disconnect the remote lead so that it doesnt drain my car battery. Please can somebody advise me on this problem and a solution because i havent a clue whats going on at all, Thanks!

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Connect the power antenna lead from the back of the radio to the amplifier remote turn-on (REM) input. When the radio is switched on, 12 volts should appear on the lead, and start the amplifier when it is connected to the main power leads. If this does not work it may have a separate lead coming out for the amp turn-on function. Test the lead with a VOM, or test light. When the radio is on, in any function, 12 volts should be present at the amp turn on lead until the radio power is turned off.


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Also, to save you a little trial and error time. If your head unit lowers your antenna when you go from radio to inserting a CD. You will need to go right to the "if this does not work" part of my last reply. This should work or else you've got some other issues going on. Hope this helps!

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just make sure the remote wire is connected to something in your car that works when the key is on and doesnt work when the key is off... for example... i have my remote wire for my amp hooked into my fuse box to the windshield wipers fuse... you cant use your wipers without the car being on... so your amp is not going to get that 12 volts to turn on.... and i can still run my amp and wipers at the same time....

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I just ran an extension from my blue remote that goes to the HU to my amp.
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