Using a single 8 ohm speaker for a car audio system


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I recently purchased an 8 omh 12" JL Audio sub for a price that I could not pass up. I really don't need the sub in my house so I wanted to know if I could some how use this in my car system. I have an amp that is rated at RMS Power,4 Ohm --- 200w x 2. I think this is possible if I had two 8 ohm subs but I'm not sure about just one. Could someone please let me know if this is possible or if I'm wasting my time. Thanx

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I'm assuming it's a single voice coil could just hook it up directly to the amp and get 100x2 to it, or possibly bridge the amp to get more power. Overall, I don't think it's worth it.

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Thanks for the input. It is a single voice config. I'm looking for more bass on top of my kenwood door speakers, If possible I would like to make this work without spending additional cash, So in your opinion what will get me the most bass without destroying either component, bridging if possible or direct. And will either way deliver any kind of bass at all.

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Bud, I would go for it. You seem rather reasonable, so I don't think you are going to put this thing in and abuse it.

IMO you have 2 options. You can find a second JL 8 ohm 12 inch sub, or you can just hook up the one you have, bridged. If you go with the second sub it will be a little louder, but no a huge diffrence. Yes droping from 4 to 8 ohms you will double the power, but since you will have 2 subs conected they will still see the same amount of power each as the one did in the single set up.

Honestly I would go with the single sub, bridged if I was you. 200 watts RMS isn't to bad for a single 12, and will probably be plenty for you.


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Thanks for the reply JC. I definently am going to try the bridged route. This means I hook up a positive from one channel and the negative from the other channel ? Will this push to much power to the sub, or since it's 8 ohm and the amp is 4 ohm is this the best way to match them. The sub is rated for RMS 125w and the amp is RMS Power,4 Ohm --- 200w x 2 although it is only a boss amp so its probably a little weak.
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