How to wire my speakers to my headunit????


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I am very new to car audio, and have purchased some Pionner 6x9s and a Sony Xplod headunit (I know u lot don't like sony, but it will do). The wires from the 6x9 are just normal speaker wire with no connectors.
In the back of the headunit, there are 6 phono (rca) female sockets which all say audio out. There is also a socket with loads of different coloured wires coming out. Now where do I have to put the wires of the speakers.
I bought some phono (rca) male sockets and soldered the speaker wires to it and plugged them in the 6 different sockets, however when I turn it one, no sound is heard.
Should I be attaching the speaker wires to something else.

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Forget the whole idea with the rcas for now. those are used for amps. First off there should be 8 wires. those are your speaker wires. They come in sets of colors(ususally green, purple, white and grey.) then there also should be a red, yellow, and blck. those are your ground/power wires.

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Yeah, please do what jojo says....there should be no soldering involved when installing a headunit.

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Those 3 sets of RCA outputs you're attempting to use to power your speakers carry basically no power, they carry only the signal and cannot be wired directly to your speakers. To use these, you would have to connect them to an amp that would amplify this signal, and then wire the amplifier outputs to your speakers. If you wish to use the internal amplifier in your head unit, you need to connect the powered outputs directly to your speakers as jojomunky said.

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why would you say there is no soldering involved you should solder the power/ground wires works much better than just crimping wouldnt you agree?

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Solder the power/ground wires? You can I suppose, but that's a great deal more work just to do the same thing.
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