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hello. I need to build a complete system and am not sure where to post this question but I fugured my system will be build around my amp so here I am.
Now I haven't played with car steroes since high school 12 years ago so I am a little out of the loop. (we used to run Kickers w/ RF Punch 45's and such). Anyway I finally purchased a conversion van last week and am ready to put a system in it. My budget is around $1000 (can go a little more if need be). I am way more concerned about sound quality that absolute volume but I still want it loud and I like bass. I mainly listen to Sublime, Pepper and stuff like that. but once the system I built I am sure I'll be playing some rap with lots of bass (old school Too Short).
So here is what I want. Please provide any comments. (BTW I am very partial to alpine and will probably build a complete alpine system unless someone has a compelling reason not to)

Headunit: I want mp3 capability and preamps. I was thinking of the Alpine CDA 9847.

Speakers: Not sure exactly what I want here but either 5 1/4 or 6 1/2 up front plus tweeters. and the 6x9's in the back.

Sub: Probably an Alpine Type-R, either 10 or 12. Just one sub. Any suggestions on weather to go ported or sealed? What do dual voice coils do? (back in the high school days we didn't have those). I gues I need 4 ohms if I am running 1 sub? Will there be a noticeable sound difference between 10 and 12"?

Amp: Again not sure here but will probably run the front speakers and the sub off of it, so 3 channels? How much power should I look for?

Sorry if this is a long post but just trying to get some good info before throwing down the green.
Thanks in advance.

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all i can say is alpine is a good cd player, the type r's are okay you can get them for real cheap i would get the 12's my friend has 2 10s in a mazda 626 an doesnt sound too good the two 12s should be around or under 300 depends where you go i guess

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Go with a better alpine amp that puts out 4 volt preout instead of just 2 like the 9830 that has mp3 also. As for the subs i have 2 alpine type R's the new ones 500 rms and they sound nice for the 300 i paid for them i have a jbl 600.1 hitting each with 300 rms. You should try and get an amp that will give you at least 200-300 rms to your sub preferably 400 if you want it to hit nice. Try audiobahn amp maybe but im not sure. i would get the 12 inch if your going for to get one and put it in a ported box so you get get a better bang for your buck. hope i was of some help good luck.

Etronics was a good website for me i bought some stuff thier real cheap and it worked fine

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Thanks for your replies. I will check out the Etronics and the 9830. Why is higher voltage preamps better? Something to do with the signal to noise ratio?
As far as hooking up the amp, how do I hook it up to just one sub plus component speakers? How many channels do I need?
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