Just a quick letter i wrote to Errin at PG.


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This is an E mail i sent to Errin at PG and the responce i recieved.
Looks like even the employes at PG agree that the amps have gone "LAME" over the last 4 years....like i said "OLD SCHOOL" is where it's at.
Looks like theres hope yet...atleast for PG according to Errins reply.

This is what i wrote....

Cant believe you closed the PG forums........WTF???Seems like the company is starting to look alot like it's current and future amps...............ugly!!!

Lost me after the Ti line.
What are you guys doing to a company that many had hi regards for years ago?Are you building amplifiers or spaceship prototypes for the new Star wars movie?
Whats the deal with the stupid lights and rubber corners.
Really you guy's need to scrap the whole bling blingin,2 fast 2 furious kiddie amp theme and get back to building the quality hand made and unique amps that you were once known for.
Hmm i wonder why you no longer run plexi bottom on any of your amps anymore?
Maybe afraid people will see the fine print on the board that reads"Made in the jungles of Africa"?
Seems to me i remember you were once proud to show your products guts.
Every time i look at my MS series 1000 or original 2250's internals i ask my self .."man what the hell happened why dont they build them like this anymore" ....the circuitry then was very pretty and a joy to look at.

Sad to see that a once great,unique,original and innovative company can dwindle down to flea market card table "TRENDY" and lame.Thanks alot for sellin out to the ole mighty$$$ PG

Signed one less customer


Not sure if this required a response but here it goes: PG has recently (last 4 years) be heading down a bad path about mid year last year the entire upper management started changing. The "ugly" you refer to is from the old regime including the new line due in September. I'm now assisting directly with product development, and personally never cared for the looks of the newer lines. I'm doing my best to go back to a simple more refined line on future products.

Thank you,

Errin Keeling

Technical Product Trainer

Phoenix Gold International
9300 North Decatur
Portland, Oregon 97203

Give Errin an email or better yet a phone call and tell him to get the ball rolling and give us back the good stuff.


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Dave, you would love this guy's auctions. He has tons of oldschool stuff. Holy crap!


I am sure these are amps that you would appreciate. lol. :-)

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Hey yea i know who your talking about.
I just talked with him a couple days ago.He wanted to trade me the purple US AMPS HC100 thats on E-bay for my Reactor.Awesome amp but falls way short in value compared to my Reactor.
Thats funny!!No doubt you no what what the good stuff is.If you know anyone that mite be interested in my amps let me know.

Thanks much,
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