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i have a sony 1600 amp pushing a orion h2 15.4 wired in parallel to get a 2 ohm load the voice coils are smelling really bad it already burnt ther coils on 2 mtx 8000 series 15s is that because im not running eneugh power or just because it is a shity amp? i was thinking of running a 2400 watt rms orion amp would that do the trick? also is there something i can run between the amp and the sub to stop my voice coils from burning up? let me know. thank you

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Mike, you hit the nail on the head. Sony is a $hitty amp. No wonder why you're burning up the VCs.
You should take 5 mins of your time and email Sony about just how "great" their products are. I'm sure they won't give a rat's a$$.
What burns up VCs the most are distortion and clipping. They originate from the HU. Lot of them will distort around 85% mark on the volume. Now add Sony into the mix and you have a deadly combo.
If you're going to have good subs, then you need an amp to match it. You can't have cheap crap driving the subs, and vise versa.
Everytime I hear subs being blown, 9/10, it's cause they were using half a$$ HUs and amps.

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i have a pretty nice hu it is a clarion touch screen i just need another amp.
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