Is phoenix gold a solid buy?


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I was wondering if this was a solid buy a 2005 PHOENIX GOLD X1200.1 XENON MONO CAR AMP AMPLIFIER.

This will be pushing 2 kicker l7 dvc4ohm. I was just wondering how this compared to the jl1000.1. I have an audiobahn now but am looking for some more power. Is phoenix gold up to its name?

I want around 1000rms so if anyone has any sugestions please post. I need an amp thats stable at 1ohm.

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Without getting all technical i will say that either one of the amps you have mentioned that you would be interested in upgrading to is a huge step up over Audiobahn.Im not going to start a brand war here...but lets just say in my opinion Audiobahn amps would be better suited to cook pop tarts on rather then power any serious audio systems.Im not really fond of any companys amps these days.Even the names that reigned supreme and were top end in the day when amp production was at it's best such as Rockford Fosgate,PPI,Soundstream,HiFonics,Orion,ZED Audio,Phoenix Gold,US Amps,Earthquake,Zapco and many more have all been reduced to making over seas built,average,no thrills amps geared towards the average person and not the true audiophile as they once were.Amps back then were carefully crafted and innovative works of art not just sloppy machine made mass produced bricks of plastic and lightsthat you find sold at stores like circuit city ,best buy and so on like todays SO CALLED AMPS.Take the bottom plate of any old school amp, such as a PG MS1000,US amps USA800 and compare them to ANY of todays super amps and you will instantly see what im talking about even if you have no idea what it is your looking at you will still see the quality of then and now.There has been several people i know that have ran extensive tests on the newer PG amps and the do meet there published power ratings and in many areas they are even over built and contain parts that are found on amps costing much more.So long story short i would say that some of the better brand names still offer a decent product(for the price).BUT ARE THEY IN NO WAYS ANYTHING CLOSE TO BEING WHAT THEY ONCE WERE AND NEVER WILL BE AGAIN.If i were you i would take your hard earned cash and find a good deal on an old school amp that was made with pride in the USA and produced nothing but pure,clean,head splitting power and actually looked like a real amp unlike all the sick ugly and goofy amps of today.Ok i could go on forever but i have expressed my opinion and i'll say it again...."NEW CAR AUDIO SUCKS A$$"

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i think that the pg xenon amps are pretty decent amps. better than alpine, mtx, audiobahn, jbl, etc...but not as good as zapco, arc audio, jl audio, us, etc...

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Aren't companies like Zapco, Arc, Jl and Xtant all made in the U.S.? I know that Xtant is for sure.

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yeah they are

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I would have to agree for sure that PG is still better then brands such as audiobahn which(in my opinion)are flea market and garage sale items.
MTX,Alpine i myself am a PG fan moreso then Alpine and MTX,so i would vote for the PG.Plus i have seen tests done on the newer PG's and not the others so i know what there capable of.
Now when you mention JBL now thats a brand you for sure do not wanna downgrade.When it comes to JBL they are one of the most spoken names in true sound reproduction and reinforcement.They have made professional level studio and concert as well as high end incredible home audio products for ages now.
As far as there higher end car amps they choose to pair up with with the one and only CROWN which is an elite manufactuer of professionaly used amps used for concerts and so on.So you must be talking about there low end stuff thats built for the average consumer.
Have you ever heard one of there GTI series amps?Here's the specs of an A6000GTI.............

Power Output: 2600 Watts RMS x 2 channels at 4 ohms
and ≤ 1%THD+N

8110 Watts RMS x 1 channel at 4 ohms,
14.4V supply and ≤ 1%THD+N

7400 Watts RMS x 1 channel at 1 ohm,
14.4V supply and ≤ 1%THD+N
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 65 dBA (reference 1 Watt into 4 ohms)
Dynamic Power: 6854 Watts at 4 ohms
Effective Damping Factor: 6.39 at 4 ohms
Frequency Response: 10Hz to 270Hz (-3dB)
Maximum Input Signal: 8.5V
Maximum Sensitivity: 250mV
Output Regulation: .2 db at 4 ohms

Dimensions (H x W x D): 6-1/2" x 29-3/8" x 23"

So as far as high end goes i would even put JBL above all the above mentioned brands of amplifiers.
But as far as all amps go they still are nothing like they were years ago and this includes Zapco,Xtant and just about all of them.
So i would have to put the PG right up there with the Zapco and Xtant.
Honestly i dont know of many(if any) amps these days that are true %100"MADE IN THE USA" and hand built like they used to be.
Plain and simple companies cant afford to mass produce that type of quality anymore.
Long gone of the gold traced circuit boards and military spec components of the old school monsters.But if you remember these older amps also cost ALOT MORE.
I would say that the amp technology of today is of course more high tech then yesterday and the market now offers an amp that is great for the price but i would have to stop there.
I will never buy a new amp from anyone these days......unless i had to.
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