Question about GM factory impedance


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The way I understand it, is I've got 8U factory speakers in my 2000 Sunfire. A few months ago I replaced the factory deck with a Kenwood X679 that puts out 22RMS.

Now, am I correct in assuming it's 22RMS to a 4U speaker, therefore I'm really only getting 11RMS delivered to my factories? If so, if I swap in aftermarkets @ 4U, will I notice a power(volume) increase from that alone? My factory speakers SQ is too good to swap out for that reason alone, but if I'm gonna notice a volume gain from the swap, then I'd do it.

At highway speeds w/ the windows down, I need to crank my volume to 32/35 to get the desired level. I know, I know... an amp is what really need, but long story short, there's a lot more inportant stuff in my life right now where my money needs to go!


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You will notice the difference and the sound quality will be improved as well. Look into Infinity coax's or Polk for cheap, but good upgrades.

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The difference between a regular stock speaker and HU setup and a desired quality setup is .............. well ............... $$$$. Thats right $$$$ four digits. The next best step is quality. There is no middle step. if you decide to just upgrade components and swap out your factory speakers and still run it off of your factory HU or even an aftermarket Hu, the sound will still suck.

If I were you I would either wait and save more $$$$ or don't even bother. I would invest in a quality HU ($400-500), quality class A amp for components ($400-500), quality amp for sub ($600-1000), quality components speakers ($200-300), quality sub ($500-1000), misc X-over, wires, etc ($300-500).

You do the math. Yes it actually cost about $2500-4000 for a quality setup. If you don't have the money saved up, then dont do it. You will always be disapointed that if you would have waited another six months you could've gotten the whole setup verses puttin it off.

To sum it up. For me its either all or nothing. Its your choice.

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Well, I mentioned I'm not particularly picky about SQ... I'm happy with my factory as is. I'm just looking for a little more bang for cheap.

If I'm lookin to get a car that'll do 0-60 in under 6 seconds, I can get a Cobalt SS or a Porsche 911. Sure, the 911 will be of much higher quality, but the Cobalt meets my requirement just fine and fits into my budget.

btw... thanks David
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