Subsonic Filter?


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What's my subsonic filter do, and how should I set it? Also, I read about my built in x-over, and the ranges are from 50 -120Hz and 50-750Hz, the problem is, I've set it on the latter of the two, and I don't get the shaking I used to, but the range simply got higher on one end, and didn't lose the 50 Hz range, what's with that?

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A subsonic filter is designed to keep out low frequencies, primarily from subwoofers. Usually you will use this when you have a subwoofer in a ported box, you use it to limit excursion below tuning. Typically I set it to around 1/3 octave lower than the tuned frequency of the enclosure. What kind of amp do you have? You've likely set the crossover to highpass instead of lowpass, cutting frequencies below 50hz and allowing anything above to pass.

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I have an Audiobahn A8000T.

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TB, on A8000T amp, it has LP and HP. 50Hz - 750Hz is the HPF. That basically cuts off bass. So if you had it set to 80Hz, you'd be losing out all the low bass.
That mode is used for mid bass not subs.
Switch it to LPF and set it around 80Hz - 100Hz. That should give you lot of "low" bass you're looking for.
Unless your sub is ported, subsonic filter isn't really required. If you want, you can set it to 20Hz. Anything below, you won't hear anyways.

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Hrmmm, OK, are mid basses worth buying? Or should I just get some Infinity components? And are there boxes for components?

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i have kicker kx1200.1...with 2 12's in a vented box each receiving around 950 watts RMS. Should i use the subsonic filter or not?

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yes you should have it on, it doesnt change the sound much and it saves your subs from being blown, I also have the kx1200.1 and I have it on, same with my kx350.2 its just a good idea to have it on
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