Can anything even compare?


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It's been 29 days, and my 2nd Alpine 9853 has died. I've given up on my once favorite brand and decided to go elsewhere in hopes that I don't end up with a $350 paperweight. Is there anything that has all these specs, yet has the SOUND QUALITY and RELIABILITY that Alpine models (used to/supposedly)have?

3 pair pre-amps out (front/rear/sub)
4V pre-amps
mp3 (cd-r/rw) playback
advanced bass engine
extensive EQ control
wireless remote
iPod compatible
detachable face
$350 or less
rediculously cool looking

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Clarion's DXZ645MP comes very close, except it only has 1.8v preouts. If you're willing to buy ebay, for less than 350 you can find the DXZ945MP with all of those features plus a touch screen and awesome display.

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Any of the mid range eclipse models. You will loose the I Pod compatability, but some do have a aux in so you could still listen to it.

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Where can you find Eclipse stuff? Only Tweeter/Hifi Buys?

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Tweeter used to carry Eclipse a few years ago, but not now. Call up Eclipse and see if there's a dealer near you:

If you have one nearby you might want to check and see if they have any of the discontinued 8053's left. If you're not looking for as many bell's and whistles(no mp3 w/o expensive commander unit) and are powering everything with external amps(8053 is deadhead) it would be a good choice. From a SQ perspective its every bit as good, if not better than the 8455 and I've seen them online(in store pick up only) for a lil over $300.

Another option would be an Alpine 9833 off the internet. There's still a few out there if you look hard enough($300-$350). Its basically the same unit as the 9853, minus the glidepoint, the 2v preouts(4v instead :-)) and also minus the reliability issues.

You might wanna check out HiFi buys and see if they have any 9835 display models left over. My Tweeters(Sound Advice) were out of the 9833's but had quite a few 9835's left going for $409 and as display models you may have some room to work with on that price.

I've owned a constant stream of Alpine's since 1981 and I too am very disappointed in the route they now seem to be taking. However, I think I found a winner with this bad boy:

Pretty expensive , but it blew away my old Alpine CDE-7831 which was no slouch. At the moment Clarion Pro Audio is my h/u of choice.

This would probably work well for you:

It doesn't have the DSP capabilities of the Alpine 9833/53/35/55, but it does have a better DAC. Not quite as good as the burr-brown, but is 24 bit(alpine is 1 bit) and probably on par with the upper end Eclipse stuff. It can control an iPod (w/ adapter) as well. If you don't like the red display you have 4 other colors to choose from(dark blue, ivory, light blue, green) as well as options for different wallpapers and a couple of "movies" as backgrounds. Oh and did I mention it has a touch sensitive screen? The only thing I don't like is the conspicuous absence of time alignment features.

Here's a less expensive Clarion with 24 bit DAC's that does have time alignment(the 945 Jexxen was referring to)

If you don't need the touch screen and can do without time alignment then at a lil over $200 this would be a great h/u:

If you can deal with the funky look(I can't) out of all of these I'd say the DXZ945MP would be the best bet in your price range.


Sorry Alpine
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Wow, thanks a bunch for that. Looks like I have a long day of shopping tomorrow!!

Sorry Alpine
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Wow, thanks a bunch for that. Looks like I have a long day of shopping tomorrow!!
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