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I really DO NOT want to have to buy an amplifier for my ford escort if i dont have to. I just wired in 2 100 watt 6x9s i place of the rear factory speakers and i have a pretty cheap 400 watt dual coil 8 inch subwoofer. I dont know if i'll have enouogh power to drive it. HELP APPRECIATED PLXXX...

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You'll need some sort of amp otherwise it will sound like crapola. The main problem is power, but w/o an amp you won't be able to cross over the sub either. I don't see how you'd be able to get a mono signal to that sub with just the h/u anyways.


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If it were possible...you would probably get only around 25 watts to the sub if you're lucky.

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the head unit will barely be enough to drive those 6x9's. You def. have to get an amp to power that sub

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Thats what i thought. I had a 180 watt JVC deck pushing front 3 inch speakers, 2 6x8's, 8 inch and 10 inch subs and suprisingly it worked well. It pounded more then my buddies cars. But you couldnt turn the volume up past 22 though or it would distort. But just listenin to tunes it worked quite well. I had the 2 subs tied together like it was one sub and then hooked that the 6x8 wires. Worked well for what it was.

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If you don't use an amplifier to push at least the sub, you will blow it. Too little POWER is WORSE than too much power. You could probably get away with a good Bostwick 4ch to run the whole system. One of my buddies at work is toolin' with one such amp pushing 2 6's 2 8's on 1 ch and 2 6x9's on the other.

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Actually, it's not too little power at all that will blow a speaker. I repeat, YOU CANNOT BLOW A SPEAKER WITH TOO LITTLE POWER. It is clipping that blows speakers.

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If you really don't want to buy an amp, then forget the sub and just keep your 6 x 9's. Fishy is absolutely correct. You'll have full range going to that sub, and it will just sound like mud. Like darkseid said, you probably don't even have enough power to run the 6 x 9's as it is.

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thanx guys, preciate your help.
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