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i have 4 10 inch infinity 1030 subs with a hifonics amp that is 1000w brigged at 4ohm's. which gives me the exact rating of 250 watts rms to each sub. i also have a 2 farad cap and was wondering what kind of db i should be hitting with this because i don't have anywhere where i can test them around here.

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There's really no way of telling. You have to consider box design, and the shape of the vehicle. But something like that, probably somewhere's around 100db, but that could easily be WAY off.

that would be atleast 190-200 db's

i don't think i would be hitting that high would i.

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haha your a joke right?.. 190-200db's

alvin canoba
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more like 230db's

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isn't the record somewhere in 160's? or is it in 170's?

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yep, there a bunch of dumbasses record is like 170

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At the last competetion I competed in a new world record of 177 was achieved!

200dB? That's 20 bels, or enough to literally crush a grape!!!

hittin hard
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and enogh to mess yo ears up. but i think is around 90db or 100db somewhere arond there im personally hittin 500db it left my whole neighboorhood deaf and it makes me wanna take a sh!t everytime i listen to it. LOL!!!

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HAHAHA! hey hittin hard I could feel the vibration from your system. I think it would of made you cr@p yourself.

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lmao o ok hittin 500db there is no damn way you are hittin that, 500db would probly shake your car apart before you hit anything like that

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500 db would cause a worldwide earthquake and everybody would blow up.

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you know how it shows things on the decibel scale for relative comparison?
like this:
50 db- talking
100 db- train
well here is my addition
500 db- standing next to an atomic bomb going off

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This forum is starting to seem that a bunch of nimbrods have overinflated it. I guess its time to abort.
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