Duraband CD player installation in a '79 olds


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Alrighty, I just got a cd player for my car :-) It's a 1979 olds regency 98. I had installed the tape player that was in it - so i figured doing the cd player wouldn't be any more difficult.

But, i have a problem.

the cd player has a yellow wire that says "Must be attatched. Batter + 12 volts"

yet, the little thing that has all the other wires that's inside of my car doesn't have a yellow one. There's an orange one that says illumination/dimmer. But nothing about a battery. lol.

Does anyone by chance have any ideas on what I need to do or where to find the pretty yellow wire that i need to connect to my cd player? The tape player i had previously installed didn't have one. So I'm totally lost. lol.

I went ahead and hooked the other wires up and tried to see if the player would work - but it wouldn't come on, so i'm assuming that since it says 'must be attached' it's pretty important :-)

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help.


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I don't have color codes handy for a car that old, but all you really need to do is run a wire from that yellow lead, to the fuse box, and tap into anything that has 12V constantly (even when the car is off)
the easiest way to test that is with a VOM or multimeter that measures DC voltage.
you can also use that meter to test the remaining wires from the factory harness behind the radio.
there should be a +12 constant, but in 79' they didn't use that much since factory radios then, didn't need one. they used those old hard buttons that slid the tuner dial over to the right analog station.
no digital tuners.
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