How da heck do i do this???????????????????


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Username: Stylnul

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i know people around my area that think audiobahn is the greatest thing since sliced bread, i know their amps are decent but their subs suck, especially since i was there when someones brand new immortal blew in 20 min. how do i make them change their minds about audiobahn.

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just make them listen to ur system... i mean really listen...and compare to theirs...

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slliced bread, YOU SPEAK OF THE DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is there really sliced bread? jk. yjou cant people have there mind set on certain things that cant be changed unless they have a personal exp. with it.

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audiobahn aint that bad. i agree that there subs aint the best but i like there hct amps. if you want to change there mind they really need to here a better quality system. you can talk till you turn blue in they face but the best way is to let them hear other brands.

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i let people hear my XXX and they just try and think of ways to make their audiobahns louder then. i dont understand why they dont get that theirs sucks and mine is good.

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Username: Stylnul

Vicky ville, CA US

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its just that theyre so unlearned, i mean i know infinitys arent the best, but i like SQ. plus i dont bring the dough, but then i hear of this guy that has two audiobahns (no idea of model) and hes saying he can hit 165 dBs!! yeah right, not with a lanzar amp.
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