2 shiva subs messed up help


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k ive had my subs for about 5 months and when first hooked up they had some small problems but they went away once i got my deck instead of factory deck. But recently they stopped hitting like they used too. i have the two shivas hooked up dual voice coil each to the box as 4 ohms to a mono amp making 2 ohms.

One sub which has been making a buzzing sound ever since ive had it probably. The sound is anoying but i have a closed trunnk so i hardly ever notice it unless i open trunk which i dnt do. My other one has been having some problems now. Both subs hit at different times not consecutivly and they sound Way BAD out side at one point i could set off some sound alarms but now you cant even feel it really outside.

Have any ideas im gona try to see if warranty covers any of this to try to get new ones or something if thats what wrong. (I noticed some rpping on the inner sides of the second sub that i talked about.)

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It sounds like your RCA cables are picking up distortion from your power/ground wires. Check to see if they are close - if so, run them as far apart from each other as possible. That may account for the buzzing.

Your subs are probably out of phase. That means that 1 sub is firing out while one is firing in. This cancels out the bass. You have to invert one of the speakers - Connect the POS to the NEG and vice versa on the amp. This will make it fire 180 degress out of phase - so they'll hit at the same time.
If that doesn't fix it im beat.

Also, what kind of amp are we talking here?

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well just got home from school so if any of that was confusing i could add more but, im using a kicker 600.1 mono amp came with certificate saying rated was about 714Watt RMS ill try that and let you know what happens for the wire switch, But for the rca cable i have them running on oposite sides of the car so i dont think thats the buzzing but ill look at them.
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