My 4 gadge power wire is only good for so mutch HELP???


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i have a 4 gadge power wire that says its good for 1400 watts and i have a 980 watt amp now i want to add another amp about 400 to 700 watts what should i do to get more power???

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run another 4 gauge direct from the battery, trust me

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Hey Fooqa...........THATS STUPID!!! Just run a 0 gauge wire to a distribution block and split it off into whatever you want. And when you take that 4 gauge power wire back, just keep on truckin back to spelling class!!!

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if you get good 4 gauge wire you shouldnt have to worry about it. 0 gauge wire would still be better though. Knukonceptz makes good wire you can get it off of ebay or the walmart wiring kits arent very good.

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... but the guy already has a 4 gauge so it makes sense for him to just get another one!

It will cost him less and 2 4-Gauge cables will have more cross-setional area than a single 0-Gauge anyway.

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actually 0 gauge has more strands than 2 4 gauge wires... so a 0 gauge wire is better than 2 4 gauge wires... although right now i have 4 ga going back and i like my fuse holder, it tells me the volts but only accepts up to 4 ga... so i am going to run a 2nd 4 ga wire back. one for the 300/4 and one for the 1000/1 ... i;ll just have to get another fuse block for the 2nd wire, but the 2nd wont be digital and expensive.

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"the walmart wiring kits arent very good."

Wire is wire man. Only thing you could call bad about the Walmart kits are the RCA cables. Yes, some more expensive wire might have more strands, but your never gonna notice a difference from using a Knukontepz kit from a Walmart kit.
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