Attn all Image Dynamics owners (or ex-owners)!!! Anyone who knows anything about these subs...


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I've recently been turned on to the "Image Dynamics" thing... and they sound really, really nice. I mean, from reading, it seems like there should be no other choice. But I'm not well educated in car audio like many of you out there are. So, I was wondering if anybody has any input for me regarding these subs - would you please let me know what your experience was? Also, I don't want to sound stupid, but... I'm having trouble understanding all the technical terms and it's pretty frustrating for me, to say the least (not to mention my computer is soooo slow) I would really appreciate it if you knowledgeable ones could just tell me which is the best sub that Image Dynamics makes. I have a 900 watt 1ohm class D mono amp. Thanks alot, everyone. This forum is the BEST!!!

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That amp would match up great with an ID MAX 12D2 V.3. (Yes the ID MAX is the best sub Image Dynamics makes)

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Right on, Joe Smoe. I appreciate the info. Does that sub hit really low bass or is that the one thing that it lacks? What else do you know about this sub? I'd appreciate all the info I can get -just want to make the best purchase possible, you know? Like I said, thanks, man.

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Would anyone agree that these are some of the best all around subs on the market - or would that be going too far?

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Sean - everything is relative

in the 200-400 dollar range sure they are at or near the top but there is always something better

General Consensus on 12" subs in this forum would be

Eclipse Ti
JL W6v2
etc on and on

All of these are really great subs and for whatever reason certain people like certain ones better...

there are diehard ascendant audio fans
Sub and I love eclipse
Jonathan loved ID
Glass loves RE
it goes on and on

if you are able to hear a pair that would be the best thing but reading posts is the next best

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Don't the ID Max's hit all the way down to 10 HZ, which is beyond human hearing. You can only feel it, so yeah Sean they hit low.

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Well, what can I say? You've all been GREAT! Thanks again for the advise, and if anyone else out there has some input... I'm eager to hear all the opinions I can get. Joe, Doug, Eric - thanks.
My brother had a question too, about Volvenhag vs. Kicker. I'll make sure it posts near the top here in a few... maybe you all could help him too. Thanks again.

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Avoiding the technical mumbo-jumbo :-), the ID Max is a great all around performer, it works well in a variety of enclosures, gets loud, and sounds excellent. Best is a subjective term, best for you is what matters as well all have our preferences. From a standpoint of build quality, sound quality, and SPL capability, it is likely that the ID Max will fill the bill for you, as would the subwoofers listed above. About how low they get, they can reproduce below human hearing range (20hz) without a problem and do it well. Ported really opens up the bottom end of that sub, but sealed offers great results as well. You won't be disappointed with the SQ of the sub, it's fantastic for SQ and is very musical. The most important thing in choosing a sub is a combination of personal preference and the application you intend to use, such as the type of car, the enclosure you can use or would prefer to use, and your expectations of the subwoofer.
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