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ust boguht an re audio xxx (1-12" )not quite what i was looking for, it barely kicks like i expected much louder, im running a stock head unit and audiobahn amp the stats on the amp are as following

4 Ohm Stereo: 200 X 2 Watts
2 Ohm Stereo: 400 X 2 Watts
1 Ohm Stereo: 600 X 2 Watts
4 Ohm Mono: 400 X 1 Watts
2 Ohm Mono: 800 X 1 Watts
1 Ohm Mono: 1600 X 1 Watts

can anyone suggest a system or new amp or some help please

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if it barely kicks and its a 12" probly have it wired wrong. Triple check your wiring. Also, im assuming you hav it wired 1 ohm mono, but with audiobahn, its probly a true 1450-1500rms watts, and the xxx is a hungry sub anyway.

What type of box do you have?

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Ya your box affects the sound more than you might thik. Also, like D P W said, with that amp its not really 1600 watts, but thats a smaller problem coompared to what box you might have it in.

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Dual 12" 3/4" MDF L-Style Bandpass
Made of thick 3/4" MDF wood
Dark Grey carpeted exterior
Light Grey Mirrored and carpeted interior

3/8" plexiglass window

i have my blown audiobahn sub inside of there 2 to take up space so the sub doesnt bounce sound

from inside the car its decently loud but outside its not that loud at all... the box is facing the trunk not the car..

Two holes for 12" speakers

Two connection terminals

Four Chrome 4"x5" Ports

Dimensions: 30.5" width x 15" depth x 15" height
2.00 cubic feet in the sealed section
1.25 cubic feet per sealed sections
Total of 4.50 cubic feet!

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You need a better box. Get a custom box made to the specs on the x.x.x, port it and youll be happy with your speaker.

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where can i buy a new box ready made from ? i wanted 2 sub case
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