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I have a volfenhag zx8100 amplifier and i am trying to push my 6x9s but i want to push them with the low pass filter on the amp so i ran my rcas from my subwoofer channel and hooked them up but they wont play but as soon as i hook the rcas back up to the rear channel and put the button to full range it plays i know this is a stupid question but plz help me even if u dont agree with it thanks

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low pass filters are for subwoofers only. a 6x9 is only used for mids and sometimes both mids and highs.

yes i understand that but why wont it play at all i would think they would still move

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Ok but why would you run 6 by 9's on low channel. LOL. if you hooked the rca's to the sub pre outs then you should have to turn the pre outs on. Normally subwoofer on. But y are you doing this, You will blow your speakers. They are ment for highs and mids. not bass. common sence
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