TV goes blurry and fades in and out after 15-30 min of play


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Ok I have a 10.5 inch TFT "Mobile TV"(that is the brand). Now here is the problem. I had it installed when I bought it. Now when I sold the car they were going to charge me too much to unistall it. So I removed it myself and being Slightly enibriated I did not remove the wire that pluged into it that was the power/video. When I took my new car and the tv in to get in installed they told me that I needed this wire and they could not find it. After about a month of searching I found a shop that said they could rewire it, refabricate it, and install it for about the same price as the other shop just to mount it and plug it in. After I got it installed it took me a few weeks to get the IP Bus to RCA cord. So I didn't use it for the first few weeks. Now that I am useing it I notice that after about 15-30 min of the TV being on it starts to fade in and out, and get a lil fuzzy. You notice the fuzzyness more on PS2 games than DVD's or Televison. Now that i took it back they are trying to make me pay double To take it out and find out what is wrong. So I figred I would try here first. This is my 1st thread that I have ever started so I'm not too sure how it goes. Email me if you can help me. I also have pics of my hoopty with a phat system. I have installed all my stereo systems and all my friends in the past, but I didn't know anything about video that is Why I took it to a shop. If I would have know that it was going to be this bad I would have done it myself. I am pretty savy with circit boards and wires of that sort.
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