Alternator Idle output?


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i want to buy that alternator for my 2000 ranger. It puts out 200Amps. but under the description it says this:
Unit Puts Out 85-95 Amps at Idle

Excellent for High Watt Sound Systems and Off Road Light Packages

New Voltage Regulator...New 200 Amp Stator...New High Temp Bearings... New Brushes... New Heavy Duty Rectifier with Solid Copper Heat Sink

Positive Battery Cable to Alternator must be Upgraded to Heavier Gauge Wire(4 Gauge Recommended)

what is a 200amp stator, also it says it puts out 95 amps idle. Whats this mean? I want to power an amp that consumes 150 amps, and have 50 amps left for my electronics. Will this alt do this, or is it a scam that only peaks @ 200 amps and normaly puts out 95 amps?

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85-95 amps at idle is really very good.

You have to remember that no amp draws its max current all the time. If you're worried about it simply keep an eye on your voltage gauge if you have one, and turn down the tunes or rev up your engine a bit at stoplights.


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so if that puts out 95 idle, what does my stock one that says it puts out 95A put out idle? will 95 idle be enough to power my 150amp amp, and my car electronics? becuase it is 200, or should i go by the idle power?
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