Possible for alarm to shut off car while driving?


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This problem started about two days ago. I was driving and all of a sudden my car shut off, didn't bog, all of the lights on my gauge cluster came on. I put the car back into park and the car started with no problem. I thought this was just a freak thing as it has never happened before.

I then drive my car the rest of the day with no problems. Starts and shutsdown okk. I then get home and park it for the night. I get up the next morning, turned the ignition and car doesn't start. Doesn't crank or anything. The instrument lights do not come on when i turn key to start. I check battery, i am getting 12.9 volts from battery. Lights all work.

I was baffled, i then checked around the car and a friend told me to try tapping the alarm unit under the dash. I tapped it, and wala power back on and car was able to start.

So i drive the car for about 5 minutes, get on the freeway......then all of a sudden the car shuts down, all lights on gauge cluster came on. I pulled over to the shoulder and put the car in park and started it again. Proceeded with the rest of my day.

I have a Clifford G4 IG 6000, alarm about 4 years old now. Is it possible for the alarm to be triggering something that shuts my car off? Or once the alarm is off, it doesn't come into play.

I am not sure what I can do to trouble shoot the problem. Any ideas? I moniter my voltage while I drive and the voltage always stay around 13-14 volts when the car is on and around 12 when the car is off. So my alternator should be ok.
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