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I just purchased 2 JL W3-V2's, and a 600 watt, 2CH, Coustic amp. Do I need to buy a capacitor, and if so what would be good?

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I'm not sure anyone ever "needs" a capacitor. I think that's money that might be better spent towards upgrading a more critical part of your system, like front components, better amp, or maybe even a couple new CD's.


That being said I do have one and it MAY have improved transient response with my old amp, but I can't really tell the difference with my new setup and kinda wished I'd applied the 150 bucks on more sound deadening or my recent h/u upgrade instead.


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Can anyone tell me please what is the best capacitor for my tweeter in order to sound at its best as it nature way because sound of a saxophone sound like a tumpet!

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I think you need to clarify your question better. A capacitor doesn't perform a miracle with tweeters. If yours is not producing proper sound, you probably need an upgrade. What brand/model is it? Do you have passive crossover for it?

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Thanks Isaac, actually I am new to all this and my knowledge is zero.What I am trying to say is why speakers don't sound truely as what the instrument as. 100 % ? The sound of a saxophone is totally different from trumpet but why the output sound is the same.I thought capacitor is the main cause but I don't know ya probably crossover do plays a role in a speaker system but to what limit ? Sound of a pin drops to the floor and how authentic the sound is ? I hope you can understand me and i am anxious to know.
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