Wiring dual voice coils subs????Jonathon,Glass,anyone


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What would happen if you only used 1 voice coil on a dvc sub? I ask because I sae some Cerwin-vegas I like,but they are dvc @4 ohms each.I'm running 5ch amp that does 300w x 1 @2 ohms,but only 200w x1 at 4 ohms.I can't afford to replace my amp yet.I'm also limited by my box (2 10's under the rear seat of a Chevy Avalanche) only have 5 1/2" mounting depth.Currently running Kenwood typhoon 2509.Don't like the sound,and I've been told on this forum they're not very good.Anyone have any other sugestions????

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Not sure what would happen, but I'm sure it wasnt intended to be ran llike that. What is the power rating on the sub?

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As far as I know, you should never run only 1 VC on a DVC sub. I think it has the possibility to damage the sub.
There's only one sub which has the exception which is the Atlas, which really is only an SVC sub with an extra coil. It was designed to run like this, however. Your sub wasn't.

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You should never use only 1 VC in a DVC sub. It can be done, but there is much higher risk of damaging/blowing the voice coil. You also alter the sub's dynamics/performance by using only one.
You can contact almost every manufacturers and they will all tell you to never use only one VC.
I've successfully used only 1 VC in the past, but I know lots that have blown their subs. So I wouldn't recommend it.
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