250$ Budget... what to get?


i need 2 12" subs/amp n box for that!!/ i know it's dam.n near impossible but if theres a way please let me know( i was currently looking at infinity 1230/kicker comp cvr's/RF p 2) all i could get 2 12"s for about 130$ and then shipping was 30

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You could probably pick up a decent amp used on ebay but I would recommend sticking to new subs.

Box? Build your own. It'll save you a good chunk of change especially on shipping and allow you to customize to fit.

You could also save a bit on an amp by getting something with a lil less power that you could eventually use for mids and highs.

That amp is a great deal. It used to list for over $300, and is a discontinued item, thus the price. I own one and it works well in a sub application(300x1 into 4 or 2 ohms) and would perform great on a set of components as well(75x2 at 4 ohms). I've run mine on a set of MB Quart Q's and it sounded great, but it also did just fine bridged into 2 ohms(pair of 10w3d2's).

Going cheap on an amp you may eventually just push to the side for the something better is a waste of money in my opinion.

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